NEWS RELEASE                                                                                         October 2018

October Pump Update has Insights on Markets, Competitors and Exhibitions

The market outlook for the industrial pump industry is ever changing. The market plan and the supporting forecasts should be current. N019 Pumps World Market provides continuing adjustment of 50,000 forecasts. There are also monthly updates such as the one for October 2018. Here is a summary of that update and a link to the full text.

2019 Chemical Industry Pump Purchases

The $3.7 billion market for pumps in the chemical industry is segmented by pump type but also by pumps vs repairs and service. The segmentation of the new pump market by greenfield vs replacement is important due to the difference in marketing approach required. It is now possible to forecast pump purchases for the major purchasers. This analysis shows that three companies spend more than $100 million/yr for pumps, ten companies spend more than $50 million per year and twenty chemical companies spend more than $35 million/yr. Specific purchases by application are also possible as demonstrated by using chlorine production at various plants as a basis for predicting PFA lined and exotic alloy pumps. The fact that 50 percent of the total cost of pump ownership is energy makes the opportunity for smart pumps very large.

Pumps at WEFTEC

There were 40 sludge, 32 submersible, 20 grinder, and 24 vertical pump exhibitors at WEFTEC. Here are some stand highlights.

Company Stand Highlights
BJM New heavy duty submersible pump
Boerger Lobe pump available in 21 models with up to 7500 gpm
Flygt Concertor system with integrated intelligence for lower TCO
Gorman-Rupp Super T self-priming pump with an internal coating slows struvite growth at SE Water
IDEX Ontario plant replaces peristaltic dosing pumps with Pulsafeeder sealless Eclipse pumps
KSB Cycle of Solutions provides pump integration
LobePro Lobe pump to move sludge to and from centrifuges
Milton Roy As part of Accudyne multiple products beyond just metering pumps serve the wastewater industry
NOV New features of P.C. pump reduce TCO
Putzmeister Pumps difficult sludges
Schwing Bioset Piston pumps, complete biosolids treatment, and nutrient recovery
Seepex Thames Water replaces 68 pumps with Seepex p.c. pumps
Shanghai Techase Range of solid/liquids separation products
SRS Crisafulli Pumps to remove settled waste
Weir Vertical turbine and chopper pumps
Yamada AODD pumps for viscous slurries

Media and Pumps at WEFTEC

Thirteen magazines had pre-show issues and then distributed them from their stands. Struvite problems were selected as a way to show how the media was reporting pump solutions for a specific problem.

The magazines combine feature articles and product news releases as part of the pump coverage. The online emails include “sneak previews” which are supplied as alerts. More of the feature articles are now available online. Systematic organization of this data provides a treasure trove of insights on pump developments.

Determining Pump Competitor Market Shares and Strategy (2 pages)

In addition to tracking the exhibition participation of competitors it is very valuable to track the advertising activity. Details on advertising in horizontal e.g. pump publications is useful in determining overall market share. Insights on market share in specific industries is found in the industry publications. Details on each pump advertisement in the current issue of a number of vertical (industry) publications are shown.

Magazine – Current Issue Pages of Pump Advertising
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing 0
Processing 3.7
Hydrocarbon processing 0
Chemical Engineering 0.8
Pipeline and Gas Journal 0
PTQ Quarterly 1

The full October Pump Market Update can be viewed at October Update

Details on the pump report are shown at N019 Pumps World Market