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Forecasting Valve Purchases by each Major Owner

Most valves are purchased by large multi-plant companies. It is more important to predict the purchases by these companies than it is to forecast purchases by country. These forecasts are included in N028 Industrial Valves: World Market.

Sixteen companies home based in France and Germany each spend more than $50 million per year for valves. Five spend over $100 million per year.

Valve Purchases by Large Companies

Home Based in France and Germany - 2019

Company Home Industry $ millions
Air Liquide France Chemical 84
EDF France Power 583
Engie France Oil & Gas 143
LaFarge Holcim France Stone 72
Sanofi France Pharma 50
Schlumberger France Oil & Gas 57
Total Refineries France Refinery 235
Total SA France Oil & Gas 339
BASF Germany Chemical 311
Covestro Germany Chemical 65
Evonik Germany Chemical 73
Heidelberg Germany Stone 36
Linde Germany Chemical 82
Merck  Germany Pharma 50
Uniper Germany Power 51

The steel industry is a good example of both offshore ownership and centralized purchasing. The world steel industry will spend over $1.7 billion this year for valves, parts, and service. In the case of ArcelorMittal, the majority ownership is by an Indian individual but the decisions regarding valve purchases may be made in Luxembourg which is the company headquarters. ArcelorMittal is a major valve purchaser. Its valve purchases for steel and mining applications are just under $100 million per year of which $84 million is for steel applications.


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