NEWS RELEASE                                                                                        May 2019

Power Industry will Spend $ 3.2 billion for Pumps Next Year

Power plant purchasers will spend $3.2 billion for pumps next year. Sixty-seven percent of the purchases will be for Asian power plants. Decades ago many pump decisions for Asian power plants were made in other regions by international power plant developers. Today many Chinese power plant developers are making pump decisions for Africa, the Middle East, and Turkey.

Most power plant operators including those in Asia are making decisions based on lowest total cost of ownership. This provides a window of opportunity for international suppliers with better products.

The challenge for international pump companies is to reach the decision makers. New plants are being built in seven African countries which already have some coal fired capacity. Another eleven African countries will be installing coal fired power plants for the first time. Vietnam is planning to move forward with an additional 40,000 MW of coal plants. Indonesia will add another 30,000 MW while Bangladesh with Chinese help is adding 25,000 MW of coal plants.

More money will be spent for pump replacement and repair than for pumps at new plants. There are already 2 million MW of coal fired plants installed worldwide. The base will increase by 270,000 MW in the next decade even with the retirements in some countries. An additional pump market is created by SO2 emission limits being applied in India and other Asian countries. The new regulations are also being applied in Africa. This means large FGD slurry pumps will be installed at many existing plants as well as at most new plants.

Regulations regarding water pollution are forcing plants to install treatment systems which include pumps needed to move the wastewater through filtration equipment.

The top fifty owners will buy more than 50 percent of all the power plant pumps. The top dozen will spend $200 million or more on pumps each year.

Pump Purchases 2019
Company $ mil
Datang 224
Guodian/Shenhua 384
Huaneng 288
Huadian 192
EDF 220
NTPC 224
Enel 32
J-Power 16
Eskom 192
Bechtel 160
Exelon 44
AEP 35
BWE 19
Duke 32
NRG 32
Southern 32
Vietnam Power 64

More than 8,000 owners will spend at least $70,000 for pumps each year. McIlvaine can supply forecasts for pump purchases for 1300 owners operating 10,000 plants burning coal for either electricity generation or for industrial use. Many of the new plants in Africa are solely for providing power for mining operations. Pump purchase forecasts can also be supplied for thousands of gas turbine, biomass, and geothermal power plant owners. Detailed forecasts are also available for nuclear pump purchases.

There are multiple tracking systems to identify each new project. A weekly Utility E-Alert provides the latest insights. The individual services which can be combined in a package are linked below.

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41F Utility E-Alert

59EI Gas Turbine and Reciprocating Engine Supplier Program

A whole program built around individual owner forecasts’ is explained at

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