NEWS RELEASE                                                                                        June 2019

Oil, Gas, Refining Daily Project Tracking and Monthly Analysis

Oil, Gas, Shale, and Refining combines daily project updates with monthly analyses and extensive reports to help guide, combust, flow, and treat (CFT) suppliers in their sales efforts.  This month the analysis quantifies the LNG opportunity in the U.S. due to the expansion in gas production and the large commitments by Chevron and ExxonMobil.

The impact on the petrochemical market is also analysed.  The service forecasts present and future ethylene production by country as well as production by large producers.  By identifying the barrels of oil, cubic feet of gas, and tons of each type of petrochemical produced in a region or at a specific facility the combust, flow and treat purchases can be quantified with enough accuracy to provide a foundation for a marketing program.

The impact of technology on the markets is conveyed with an example in hydraulic fracturing.  The use of resin bonded sands reduce the wear on fracking pumps which in turn lower the cost of the oil produced which in turn lowers the cost of resin and makes the use of resin bonded sands   more justifiable.

The intelligence system is updated daily. It can be sorted by customer name, location, plant type, contractor or project start date. There are periodic reports on each technology. A new Petrochemicals Report was just added.  There are profiles of major producers and also the major OEMS. For more information on the system and to view the recent monthly analysis click on: