NEWS RELEASE                                                                                        June 2019

$10 Billion Market for SCR Systems, Reagents and Catalyst

The power industry’s annual spending for SCR systems, catalysts and reagents will rise modestly from $9 billion this year to $10 billion in 2029. Sixty-seven percent of the purchases will be for Asian power plants.

There are presently 2 million MW of coal fired plants installed worldwide. This includes 1.2 million MW of SCR installations. There will be 30,000 MW of SCR retirements in the next decade. The coal fired base will increase by 270,000 MW in the next decade of which most will require SCR. This means total SCR will increase by 230,00O MW to over 1.4 million MW over the next decade.

Expenditures for new SCR systems will be $20 billion or over $2 billion/yr. Expenditures for reagents will rise from $5.2 billion per year to over $6 billion. The yearly increase will be over 3 percent. The purchase of SCR catalysts will rise from $1.7 billion per year to over $2 billion by 2029.


More than 50 percent of the coal fired NOx control systems are in China. With the Guodian-Shenhua merger the combined company operates 14 percent of the world’s coal fired power SCR systems. It is the leading purchaser of NOx control equipment but is also a supplier to other utilities.

Catalyst and Reagent Purchases
$ millions - 2019

Company Reagent Catalyst
Datang 423 139
Guodian/Shenhua 726 238
Huaneng 544 179
Huadian 363 119
NTPC 189 62
ENEL 60 37
J-Power 30 10
KEPCO 142 46
AECOM 57 19
AEP 66 22
BWE 36 12
Duke 60 20
NRG 60 20
Southern 60 20
Vietnam Power 121 40

Most purchasers are spending far more for replacement catalyst than for new catalyst. The exception is NTPC who is installing many new SCR systems.

In the year 2000 China was importing nearly all the catalyst it required. Today the Chinese catalyst producers supply sufficient catalyst to meet domestic needs and also supply catalyst for export.

One of the future opportunities for international suppliers is the supply of catalytic filter elements. Haldor Topsoe and Filtration Group are leading the way with this important new technology which allows NOx reduction and particulate capture in the same device.

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