NEWS RELEASE                                                                                        July 2019

India will be a Major Purchaser of Dry Scrubbers

India is predicted to purchase dry scrubbers to clean 180 million cfm over the next five years. This is the latest forecast in N027 FGD Market and Strategies. The bulk of the investment will be for coal fired power plants. There will be some installations in waste to energy, cement, steel and other industrial applications.

India will join China and the U.S. as the leading three dry scrubber purchasers. Dry scrubbing includes semi dry scrubbers, circulating dry scrubbers and direct sorbent injection. United Conveyor Corporation has an order for 4 x 250 MW direct sorbent injection systems at the Dadri plant of NTPC.

The market surge will be due to new rules that allow older smaller power plants to discharge higher levels of SO2 than others. It is anticipated that 50,000 MW of Indian power plans will be fitted with dry scrubbers over the next three years.

Dry scrubbers are more economical than wet scrubbers when the emission rates are higher and the sulfur in the fuel is lower. Dry scrubbers use higher cost lime or sodium compounds whereas wet scrubbers utilize ground limestone. However, the capital cost of wet scrubbers is more than twice that of CDS and semi dry scrubbers. Direct sorbent injection is very low in capital cost but very high in reagent cost.

Direct sorbent injection can be used to supplement other systems. DSI can be used in conjunction with semi dry systems to maintain efficiency at higher sulfur levels. DSI can also be used ahead of the air heater to react with SO3 and allow the air heater to be operated to extract more heat without corrosion.

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