NEWS RELEASE                                   DECEMBER 2010

Liquid Cartridge Market to Grow to $15 Billion in 2015

The market for cartridges used to purify liquids has bounced back from a 2008 dip to reach $13 billion in 2010.   By 2015 revenues (at the manufacturer level) will be over $15 billion.  This is the latest forecast in the online Cartridge Filters: World Market report published and updated continuously by the McIlvaine Company.

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The big growth will be in Asia. Annual revenues will rise by over $1 billion by 2015. This will account for half the world growth. The residential commercial market will represent 50 percent of the 2015 world market, pharmaceutical 15 percent, healthcare 9 percent, food 4 percent and electronics 4 percent.

The market is global, but the top suppliers are U.S. based.  Some non-U.S. suppliers such as Siemens are actually operating from a U.S. base (the former USFilter).  The top three suppliers account for 20 percent of the total world market.  The top 20 suppliers account for more than 50 percent of the market.  

The top 30 companies accounted for 55 percent of the total market in 2009.  However, they only captured 25 percent of the residential market and 20 percent of the commercial market.  They dominated the pharmaceutical market with a 68 percent market share.  They did even better in the power segment with a 70 percent market share.  The pharmaceutical segment requires high performance cartridges and, in many cases, requires expensive testing and validation.  As a result, Pall, Millipore and a few other big companies dominate this market.  Power also requires high performance cartridges in boiler feedwater and turbine lubrication systems.  The applications are nearly identical from country to country; therefore the international suppliers have advantages.

There are more than one million purchasers of cartridge around the world.  However, some 5000 companies are purchasing the majority of the cartridges.  These companies are identified in the report along with their addresses.  The report also includes contacts at the original equipment manufacturers and the specifying engineers.  Suppliers of ultrapure water systems, boiler feedwater systems, food processing plants and other companies supplying equipment are often the original purchasers of cartridges.  

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