NEWS RELEASE                                   JUNE 2011

Eastern Asia Will Account for 30 Percent of Industrial Pump Market in 2011

The world market for industrial pumps will be just under $35 billion in 2011. Thirty percent of the total sales will occur in East Asia.  These are the conclusions of the McIlvaine Company in the continually revised Pumps: World Markets.

Pump Revenues ($ Millions)

World Region






East Asia


Eastern Europe


Middle East




South & Central America


West Asia


Western Europe




Sales in East Asia are projected to rise to $10.6 billion this year.  The largest application will be municipal wastewater treatment.  Due to the large investment in new treatment plants, sales of pumps for this application will exceed $2.6 billion in East Asia this year.

Sales of pumps to the power industry in East Asia will account for $1.2 billion in sales revenue. Many of these pumps will be supplied by the big international pump companies because of the demanding service (high temperature and pressure).  East Asia will lead the other regions in the purchase of the large (50,000 gpm) slurry pumps used with the limestone wet desulfurization systems typically installed when firing coal to generate electricity.  East Asia also leads in nuclear pumps and pumps used with concentrated solar power generation.

Sales of pumps in East Asia for pharmaceutical applications will be a modest $130 million this year.  NAFTA and Western Europe will be bigger markets.  Pharmaceuticals is one of the few applications where East Asia will not be the leader.

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