NEWS RELEASE                                   JULY 2011

Coal-fired Projects for 2014 Start-up Represent Purchases of $220 Billion

The combination of retrofits to existing power plants and start-up of new coal-fired power plants in 2014 represents a total investment of $220 billion. This is a total of the projects tracked in the Utility Environmental Upgrade Tracking System and Chinese Utility Plans. These are two online services of the McIlvaine Company.

At the end of 2013, the world will have coal-fired capacity of 2.21 million MW.  At the end of 2014 there will be an increase of 60,000 MW to a new total of 2.27 million MW.  There are 150 projects with an average size of 400 MW which are now in the final purchasing stage for all the components.  Each of these projects represents a total investment of $1.2 billion. So the total is $180 billion in purchases.

2014 Start-up Investment ($ Billions)


$  Billions

New Coal-fired Boilers


NOx Control




Particulate and FGD Replacements


Wastewater and Cooling Additions




2014 will be a record year for new NOx control installations with 300 projects totaling over 110,000 MW.  Retrofit projects represent 50 percent of the total and would add $7.5 billion to the total potential for 2014 (the other 50 percent are included in the new coal-fired boiler numbers).

There will be 33,000 MW of FGD retrofits but a total of 95,000 MW of FGD projects starting in 2014 when the new power plants are included.  This will add another $7 billion to the total purchases.

There are a number of projects to replace precipitators and old FGD systems slated for 2014.  This will add another $10 billion to the total.  This includes some fabric filters to meet new particulate limits.

There are various initiatives for 2014 to upgrade wastewater treatment systems and add cooling towers to replace once through cooling systems.   This will add another $15 billion to hardware purchases for 2014.

The selection of components for all these systems is taking place now.

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