NEWS RELEASE                                   AUGUST 2011

$14 Billion Liquid Cartridge Market in 2012

The liquid cartridge market will grow to over $14 billion in 2012 and pass $15 billion before 2015. This is the latest forecast in Cartridge Filters: World Markets.  The leading cartridge type will be carbon.  Odors and noxious contaminants can be removed with carbon filters. They are used in a range of processes from semiconductor manufacturing to the kitchen icemaker.  The burgeoning middle class in developing Asian countries is driving much of the growth in this sector.

Liquid Cartridge Market


2012 ($ Millions)









 String Wound




The second biggest category will be non-woven cartridges.  They have wide use in industrial and residential water treatment and are also used as pre-filters in high purity water applications. Membrane cartridges are taking market share from non-wovens because of their high efficiency on sub-micron particles. These filters are used in many medical applications including blood purification. They are widely used as final filters at the tools in semiconductor plants and are used for processing biopharmaceutical products.

Metal cartridges are indispensible for high temperature applications in the food, refinery and other industries.  Stringwound cartridges are used in paint manufacture and applications defined by low cost and lower efficiency.

Ranking of Top Ten Cartridge Filter Manufacturers

Company Name




Parker Hannifin

General Electric

Proctor & Gamble




Siemens AG

These companies have a combined market share of 30 percent.  There are thousands of companies comprising the other 70 percent.

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