NEWS RELEASE                                   SEPTEMBER 2011

Indoor Air Filter Market Will Reach $8 Billion by 2015

The market for filters used to keep air clean in buildings and residences is just under $7 billion but will grow to over $8 billion by 2015.  This forecast is reflected in the continually updated Air Filtration & Purification World Markets published by the McIlvaine Company.

The biggest growth will come in the medium efficiency synthetic media segment classified as F 5-9.

Air Filter Revenues ($ Millions)

Subject                       2015

Electronic                       963

F 5-9                            4,070

G 1-4                           1,114

Gas Phase                       831

H 10-17                       1,153

Total                            8,131

Sales of these filters will exceed $4 billion in 2015.  The biggest markets will be in the residential and commercial sectors.  There has been a transformation in the attitude toward air cleanliness in residences, work spaces and commercial buildings.  As a result, the market for the low efficiency inexpensive filters G 1-4 will not grow appreciably. However, since the prices of these filters are much lower than the F 5-9, the unit sales will be relatively high.

The high efficiency H10-17 filters are generally equipped with microfiber glass media. However, membranes are making some inroads to this market. Predictions that synthetic membranes would quickly overtake the market have not borne out and growth is gradual.

The gas phase sector includes carbon impregnated media, granular carbon beds and other devices which take out odors and gases.  High efficiency versions of this technology are used to remove minute quantities of volatile organic compounds in the electronics industry. The so called molecular contamination is a significant problem in semiconductor manufacturing.

One segment included in the forecast does not fit the indoor classification but does involve ambient air. There is a very large market for purifying the air used for combustion in gas turbine power generation.  The same filters are used in indoor applications are also used here. So the revenues for this sector are included.

The biggest growth market is Asia. There is rapid expansion of the commercial market in this region. Most of the world’s new electronic production is also slated for this region.

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