NEWS RELEASE                                   OCTOBER 2011

Separation and Control are the $100 Billion Segments in the $380 Billion Fluid Treatment and Control Market

With pump companies buying fan and filter companies, the perception of a broader fluid treatment and control market is taking hold with suppliers and investors.  The McIlvaine Fluid/Gas Treatment and Control World Markets report forecasts $380 billion in revenues for this technology in 2011 growing to $400 billion in 2012.

The market can be segmented in many different ways.  McIlvaine has generated more than 300,000 forecasts by product, industry and country. Senior management and investors have the need to view the market broadly.  The McIlvaine CircularSolution™ displays the forecasts from the top down. There are five concentric circles representing the market.  The 20 radii divide the market more specifically.  The intersections of the circles and radii identify 100 market segments.  The broadest view is with the five technologies for treatment of air, gases and liquids.


$ Billions 2011


      $   30


      $   85


      $ 100


      $   55


      $ 110


      $ 380

The market can also be segmented by 10 fluid types and by 10 applications.  The projected revenues for these radii are shown in the following CircularSolution™:


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