NEWS RELEASE                                   MARCH 2012

 Industrial Valves Market in East Asia to Exceed $15 Billion This Year

Twenty eight percent of the industrial valve purchases in 2012 will be for East Asian end users. The total sales in the region will exceed $15.2 billion.  This is the latest forecast in Industrial Valves: World Markets, a continuously updated online publication of the McIlvaine Company.

Industrial Valve Revenues ($ Millions)

World Region


Africa 2,842
CIS  3,712
East Asia 15,211
Eastern Europe 1,272
Middle East    4,334
NAFTA 11,095
Southern & Central America 3,781
West Asia  2,174
Western Europe   8,806
Total   53,227

The large number of new coal-fired power stations, municipal wastewater treatment plants and other industrial plants in East Asia is driving this regional market to an 8 percent growth rate. China is the dominant player, purchasing more than half the valves in the East Asian region in 2012.

Industrial Valve Revenues, East Asia ($ Millions) 



Australia 619
China  8,293
Hong Kong 100
Indonesia 582
Japan 2,694
Malaysia 241
New Zealand 72
Other East Asia 44
Philippines 162
Singapore  247
South Korea 1,243
Taiwan 549
Thailand 258
Vietnam  108
Total 15,212

Chinese power plants will spend $2.1 billion for valves. The country is adding more than 30,000 MW of new coal-fired capacity each year. This is more than Western Europe and the U.S. combined. With 800,000 MW of installed coal-fired capacity, the replacement valve market in China is 2.5 times larger than the U.S. and again larger than the U.S. and West Europe combined.

Industrial Valve Revenues, China ($ Millions)



Chemical 850
Electronics 32
Food 96
Iron & Steel  893
Metals 173
Mining  399
Oil & Gas  419
Other Electronics 12
Other Industries 874
Pharmaceutical   100
Power 2,184
Pulp & Paper 624
Refining 264
Wastewater 670
Water 702
Total   8,292

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