NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                    JUNE 2012

$6.4 Billion European Air Pollution Control Market Driven by Regulations

The markets for air and water pollution control and monitoring are expanding slightly and remain substantial despite the financial problems of the European region. The 2012 revenues will reach $6.4 billion. This is the latest forecast from the McIlvaine Company as derived from its reports on each subject.

Revenues for European Air Pollution Control Markets in 2012



$ Billions

Fabric filters and bags


Power plant flue gas desulfurization


Industrial scrubbers and adsorbers


Electrostatic precipitators




Thermal treatment


Air monitoring





Europe is precisely defined at: Decisive Classification

Russia, former Soviet bloc countries, Eastern and Western Europe are all included. The financial crisis in the EU is having some negative impact. This could be further exacerbated if countries hoping to gain EU status through installation of pollution control measures lose interest in joining. Counter balancing these developments, the region continues to ratchet down emission limits and to make available the funds to accomplish the reductions.

The leading product category is fabric filters. European industry will invest $1.7 billion in fabric filter hardware along with bags and cartridges. Europe is a net exporter of both hardware and filter media. Production exceeds $2 billion.

The DeNOx market will be a modest $800 million this year. The application of selective catalytic reduction systems to lignite-fired boilers has not developed as originally anticipated. This forecast does not include mobile DeNOx technology, where Europe is the leader.

Most of the power plants in Europe are already fitted with scrubbers to capture SO2. However, many scrubbers were installed in the 1980s and are in need of replacement, so the replacement and upgrading market represents a good portion of the revenues. The same situation exists in the electrostatic precipitator segment.

Europe continues to be a leader in thermal treatment both as a purchaser and a supplier. Both Durr and Eisenmann are major worldwide suppliers of thermal treatment systems.

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