NEWS RELEASE                                                                                             OCTOBER 2012

East Asia Liquid Macrofiltration Market to Exceed $2.6 Billion in 2013

The market for filtration equipment and media to remove particles larger than one micron from liquids will exceed $6.6 billion in 2013. East Asia will account for 39 percent of the total. This is the conclusion reached in Liquid Filtration and Media World Market published by the McIlvaine Company.

Liquid Filtration Revenues ($ Millions) 

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 East   Asia


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This category of filtration includes sand filters, bag filters, belt filter presses, gravity belt filters and recessed chamber filter presses. It also includes the rapidly growing automatic backwash filter segment. Macro filtration equipment is extensively used in municipal wastewater and drinking water plants.  Eastern Asia has a very large program to provide drinking water and sewage treatment for its citizens.

These types of filters are also utilized in pulp and paper, chemical, refining, power, mining, iron and steel and other industries.  The growth of these industries in East Asia is higher than elsewhere in the world.

There are thousands of suppliers of the filtration equipment.  International suppliers are penetrating the East Asian market, but there is also a strong and growing domestic manufacturing capability. There is more international participation in media such as filter cloths, belts and bags. International media suppliers have built plants in China and other Asian countries and are using these facilities to support regional activities. Chinese media suppliers are also becoming exporters.

North America is benefiting from a surge in industrial investment and the continuing expansion of municipal facilities.  The mining industry is providing growth in the South and Central America region.

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