NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                    FEBRUARY 2013

2014 Market for Liquid Cartridges Will Exceed $15 Billion

Non–woven, membrane, string wound and metal cartridges are used widely in industry as well as in commercial buildings and residences. There has been steady revenue growth worldwide. In 2014, cartridge revenues will exceed $15 billion. This is the latest forecast in the online continuously updated McIlvaine report, Cartridge Filters: World Market.

Liquid Cartridges Market

($ Millions)





 Commercial – Point-of-Entry


 Commercial – Point-of-Use










 Oil & Gas


 Other Industries






 Residential – Point-of-Entry


 Residential – Point-of-Use








Residential point-of-use will continue to be the leading segment. Carbon, membrane and non-woven filters are used in portable water filters ice making systems. Cartridges are also used under the sink where municipal water quality is not acceptable. Not surprisingly there is a disproportionately high use in countries where the quality of municipal water is below world norms.

Commercial point-of-use includes vending machines, restaurants as well as the range of commercial buildings. The pharmaceutical industry is the biggest purchaser of the high quality membrane filters. The cartridges are often the heart of a product separation process. The chemical industry uses cartridges for processing as well as water purification.

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