NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                    FEBRUARY 2013

Scrubber Revenues to Approach $6.9 Billion in 2014

Expenditures for industrial (not power) scrubbers will be just under $6.9 billion in 2014. This is the latest forecast in the McIlvaine Scrubber/Adsorber/Biofilter World Markets.

Scrubber Revenues ($ Millions)









 Dry Scrubber








This forecast does not include the flue gas desulfurization scrubbers used in power plants. These are included in a separate report because this application is large enough to equal all the other applications combined. The forecast does include scrubbers used in the iron and steel, pulp and paper, chemical, refining, mining and even those used for odor control at municipal wastewater plants.

The forecast includes absorbers used for acid gases, adsorbers with carbon or other media to adsorb gases or liquids, biofilters which utilize microorganisms to convert volatile organic compounds, dry scrubbers which use spray driers or fluid beds to absorb noxious gases, particulate scrubbers which take out particles from the air and a group of miscellaneous scrubbing types including condensation.

Asia is outspending the other regions. This is due to the substantial industrial expansion taking place. Steel and mining have been the most active applications. More recently, the construction of waste-to-energy plants and the expanded use of scrubbers in the chemical industry have changed the mix.

International suppliers account for only 40 percent of the market. Most of the market is served by in-country firms or those whose range is only a few countries. Most scrubbers are fabricated from steel plate. Therefore, scrubber manufacturers are more likely to be designers who subcontract the actual scrubber construction. Many contracts include the scrubber wash water recycle and wastewater treatment processes along with the scrubber, fan, ductwork and stack. Recovery and reuse of the scrubber wash water is generally an economic and environmental necessity.

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