NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                                     APRIL 2013

Thousands of Projects Worth Hundreds of $ Billions in Booming Oil and Gas Industry

Depending on the definition, the number of opportunities in the oil and gas sector ranges from a few thousand to over one million. At the top end there are single projects where the investment will exceed $10 billion. This is the conclusion reached in Oil, Gas, Shale and Refining Markets and Projects published by the McIlvaine Company.




Operating gas and oil wells


Well completions in 2012


Rigs in operation


LNG trains in operation


Current LNG projects


Current operating large gas-to-liquids plants


Large gas-to-liquids projects


Smaller gas-to-liquids projects


Liquid separation from natural gas projects


Coal to chemical new projects


Refineries in operation


New refineries in planning and construction


Refinery upgrades and environmental projects


Tar sands expansion and new projects



Existing gas and oil wells need pumps, valves, compressors, instrumentation and control equipment. Accuracy is needed due to the custody transfer and value of the products. Despite the large number of existing wells, the major capital investment is in a relatively small number of large projects.

Figure 1: Comparative Investment Value (Overnight Cost) for major Industrial Plants


Some of the investments in the oil gas industry are even larger than the investment in a new supercritical coal-fired power plant. The gas-to-liquids plant now underway in Louisiana will cost Sasol more than $10 billion. New refineries, LNG and tars sands plants are all multibillion dollar expenditures. Much of this is for liquid and gas flow and treatment equipment. In addition, the tar sands plants have big investments in material handling.

With the shale gas and liquids boom there are many projects to separate liquids from gas. Conversion of coal to chemicals is attracting billions of dollars of investment. China is the leader with both direct and indirect gasification processes.

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