NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                                MAY 2013

$6.5 Billion Liquid Macrofiltration Market in 2014

Revenues for liquid macrofiltration equipment and consumables will rise to just under $6.5 billion in 2014. This is the latest forecast in the McIlvaine publication, Liquid Filtration and Media World Market.

Liquid Filtration Revenues
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Liquid macrofiltration includes granular mediafilters, belt filter presses, recessed chamber filter presses, belt filters and automatic backwash filters. These products are distinguished by their ability to be self-cleaning and to separate large quantities of solids. However, they do not remove particles as small as can be removed with cartridges or cross-flow membranes. Bag filters are also included in the macrofiltration category even though they are not self-cleaning.

The biggest purchasers of this equipment will be municipalities. Granular media filters are used to purify drinking water. Belt filter presses are the most common equipment to dewater sewage sludges. Recessed chamber filter presses are used when it is necessary to obtain higher solids percentages than can be produced with belt filter presses. Gravity belt filters are often used as pre-filters for belt filter presses. Automatic backwash filters compete with gravity filters for drinking water purification.

The mining industry is a major purchaser of this equipment. There are water purification and wastewater treatment applications which are common to many industries. In addition, this equipment is extensively used to separate product from a slurry. Drum filters and filter presses are often used in metal and coal mining.

Two newer applications are ballast water treatment for ships and hydraulic fracturing flowback water treatment in shale gas applications.

There is a substantial market for replacement belts, filter cloths and bags.

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