NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                                JUNE 2013

Cleanroom Consumable Expenditures to Rise $350 Million This Year

In 2013, Cleanrooms around the world will purchase consumables valued at $7 billion. This represents an increase of $350 million above the 2012 level. East Asia will account for 56 percent of the total. This is the conclusion reached by the McIlvaine Company in its World Cleanroom Markets.

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Cleanrooms in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, flat panel, memory, food and other industries must utilize clothing and wipes which will not contaminate the air in the workspace. People are the largest source of contamination. Therefore, the selection of gloves, gowns, shoe wear and other clothing is critical. Furthermore, wipes, swabs, mops, stationery, disinfectant chemicals and other disposable products must not shed particles, off gas undesirable compounds or reduce the sterility of the space.

The growth of cleanrooms in East Asia has doubled that of other regions. Most of the flat panel display manufacturers are now in East Asia. Semiconductor growth has been higher in East Asia than in other regions. The use of cleanrooms to manufacture photovoltaic panels has grown at double-digit rates in recent years. Much of the growth has taken place in China and other East Asian countries.

The suppliers of consumables for cleanrooms include many of the world’s top companies. ITW is a leading supplier of wipes. Kimberly Clark and DuPont are suppliers of the fabrics for gowns. Cantel Medical is a leading supplier of disinfectants. Laundries to clean and purify reusable gowns require expensive cleanrooms where the actual laundering takes place. As a result, a few large companies with multiple facilities capture a significant portion of the revenues. Aramark is a leader along with Prudential Overall.

World Cleanroom Markets also provides forecast of hardware, rooms, employees and cleanroom space.

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