NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                       OCTOBER 2013

Municipal Wastewater Liquid Filtration Revenues to Exceed $1 Billion Next Year

Municipal wastewater plants around the world for the first time will spend more than $1 billion for filters and replacement cloths/belts in 2014. This is the conclusion reached in Liquid Filtration and Media World Market published by the McIlvaine Company.

Liquid Filtration Revenues – Municipal Wastewater Treatment ($ Millions)

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Belt filter presses will comprise more than half the purchases with gravity media filters, filter presses and other filter types comprising the balance.

Despite projected annual growth of 4%/yr., the filter revenues will be a decreasing percentage of the municipal wastewater dewatering investment. The total dewatering market is growing at 6 percent per year. This is due mainly to the gains achieved by centrifuge suppliers.

Larger plants find that a few centrifuges can do the work of many belt presses. There is also the consideration of odor control. At one plant, three centrifuges replaced ten belt presses. A 1,500-cfm exhaust fan replaced a 12,000-cfm blower to exhaust the odorous fumes from the centrifuge operation into a sodium hypochlorite scrubber. This saved both fan energy and reagent cost.

In the developing world, belt presses are still the popular choice. Maintenance requirements are not as complex as with centrifuges.

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