NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                                OCTOBER 2013

$13 Billion Market for Gas Turbine Air Treatment In 2014

New gas turbine air treatment systems revenues will be $10 billion in 2013 while replacement filters, catalysts, ammonia and other consumables will total $3 billion with a $13 billion total expenditure. This is the latest forecast in Gas Turbine Air Treatment Market and Knowledge Bridge published by the McIlvaine Company.  The following items are included in the capital revenues:

Gas Turbine Capital  Items 2014

Intake Housing

Weather Protection




Final Filtration

Tempering Air System (Single Cycle)

Duct Burner (Combined Cycle)

Ammonia Injection Grid

CO Reactor


Process Controls





Total $10 Billion

The large quantities of ambient air which is used by gas turbines require significant expenditures for purification prior to contact in the combustion zone. Due to varying weather conditions, various conditioning technologies are incorporated.  This can range from simple fogging nozzles to expensive chillers.

The air intake filtration requirements are the same for both single cycle and combined cycle power plants.  Stack gas treatment capital requirements are actually greater for a single cycle power plant than a combined cycle power plant.  This is due to either the use of tempering air or high temperature catalysts.  On the other hand, fewer single cycle power plants are required to use highly efficient SCR systems to reduce NOx. This is because these power plants are often used for peaking service and may only operate 1,000 hrs. per year.

One of the biggest consumable items is the air intake filter. The expenditures for these filters are rising due to the upgrading of the industry.   HEPA filters with four times the annual cost of lower efficiency filters are becoming more popular.  Increased production and lower washing costs justify the larger expenditure.

Gas Turbine Operating and Maintenance Items 2014





Dampers, Drives, Fan Parts, Seals

Burner Parts




Sensors, Valves, Seals, Gaskets

RATA Testing, Protocol Gases, Instruments

Silencer Parts


Total $3 Billion

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