NEWS RELEASE                                                                                        NOVEMBER 2013

Chemical Industry Will Spend Just Under $ 700 Million for Liquid Cartridges Next Year

The chemical industry will spend $688 million for cartridges to remove particles from liquids next year. This is the latest projection in Cartridge Filters: World Markets published by the McIlvaine Company.

($ Millions)

World Region








 East Asia


 Eastern Europe


 Middle East




 South & Central America


 West Asia


 Western Europe


Three regions, East Asia, Western Europe and NAFTA will account for most of the market. Included in the forecast are all non-cleanable cartridges used to remove particles from the water intake, plant process fluids and wastewater. It also includes cartridges used to purify the cooling tower bypass.

The forecasts do not include cartridges to remove particles or liquid droplets from air. They do not include cartridges used to purify hydraulic or lubricating fluids. Also excluded are automatic backwash filters which are self cleaning. Cross-flow membrane modules are not included in this report, but in a separate McIlvaine report (RO/UF/MF). Media includes non-wovens, membranes, stringwound, ceramic, carbon block and metal.

The market to replace existing cartridges accounts for most of the revenues. This is because cartridges are replaced very frequently. In extreme cases, cartridges can be replaced several times per day. There are very few cartridge applications where the life can be measured in years.

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