NEWS RELEASE                                                                                        JANUARY 2014

Gas Turbine Operators Will Spend $1 Billion for Valves This Year

The market for valves in gas turbine and combined cycle power plants will exceed $1 billion this year.  This is the conclusion by the McIlvaine Company in Gas Turbine and Combined Cycle Supplier Program. (

The total market for valves in the power industry will be $7.5 billion in 2014. This forecast appears in Industrial Valves World Markets also published by the McIlvaine Company. Gas turbines presently represent 13 percent of the power valve market, but this market share will increase.

Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plant Valve Revenues $, 2014


Gas turbine systems utilize valves in a number of processes.  They include:


  1. Intake water
  2. Boiler feedwater
  3. Cooling tower recycle
  4. Fogging nozzle flow
  5. Wastewater from the cooling tower and balance of plant
  6. Primary and secondary fuel control
  7. Steam cycle control and safety
  8. Ammonia injection for NOx control
  9. Lubrication of rotating parts
  10. Tempering air for simple cycle power plants
  11. Compressed air for pulsing cartridges on air intake as well as other compressed air applications


The environmental constraints imposed on power plant operators in the U.S. coupled with the low cost of natural gas, will result in gas turbine valve expenditures of $225 million this year. The Middle East and several other regional markets are surging.

There are some problems requiring replacement and repair which are contributing to the $400 million replacement market this year. Stellite delamination of steam valves has been one of the problems requiring correction and investment. Other problems deal with the need of faster and more frequent startup and shutdown to complement the intermittent energy supplied by renewable energy sources.

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