NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                    JANUARY 2014

The Market for Cross-flow Membrane Systems and Consumables for Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plants Will Exceed $550 Million This Year

The market for cross-flow membrane systems, repair parts, replacement membranes, chemicals and related instrumentation for use in gas turbine and combined cycle power plants will exceed $550 million this year.  This is the conclusion by the McIlvaine Company in several individual market reports published by the company.


Gas turbine systems utilize cross-flow systems including reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and microfiltration in a number of processes.  They include;

  1. Intake water
  2. Boiler feedwater
  3. Cooling tower recycle
  4. Fogging nozzle dematerialized water
  5. Wastewater from the cooling tower and balance of plant.

There is increasing use of treated municipal wastewater in new plants.  This frequently requires the use of membrane systems to make the water suitable for plant uses.  The boiler feedwater system includes a series of filtration steps and it is common to have microfiltration or ultrafiltration for prefiltration before entering the reverse osmosis (RO) system.

Cooling water, as it recycles, builds up concentrations of solids which must be reduced. Microfiltration is one option to accomplish the needed separation. Fogging nozzles improve the plant output by evaporating water in the inlet gas stream.  This water must be purified to prevent maintenance problems.

There is the increasing practice of eliminating all wastewater in a zero liquid discharge system.  Cross-flow membranes are used to provide water for reuse.

The membranes must be replaced every few years. Also repair parts for pumps, valves and instrumentation require significant investment.  Treatment chemicals are needed to aid separation and to prevent membrane scaling.

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