NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                    FEBRUARY 2014

Market for Electrostatic Precipitators Will Exceed $9.7 Billion In 2015

Sales of electrostatic precipitator systems will be just under $10 billion next year.  Most of the sales will be in Asia.  This is the conclusion reached by the McIlvaine Company in Electrostatic Precipitator World Market.

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The continued rapid expansion of coal-fired power in Asia will raise the purchases on this continent to over $7.7 billion next year. Asia will also be purchasing substantial numbers of precipitators for mining, cement and pulp mill applications.

A substantial potential exists in the U.S. for wet precipitators. One reason is that U.S. EPA has defined total particulate to include discrete particles plus condensed droplets. Dry collectors operating at 350oF will not capture condensibles since they are still in the vapor stage. If the gas is cooled and the droplets formed, a wet precipitator is then a very efficient collection device.

Another potential is the use of wet precipitators in conjunction with wet scrubbers to compete with dry scrubbers combined with fabric filters.  Many old coal-fired power plants in the U.S. are rejecting the widely used wet limestone forced oxidation scrubbing system.  This system makes wallboard quality gypsum using a low cost reagent.  Life cycle costs over twenty-five years are attractive. However, the high capital cost makes the option expensive if the remaining plant life is only ten years.

One lower cost option is dry scrubbing followed by fabric filtration.  Lime is the reagent. So the operating costs are higher than with limestone. Another option is to replace the existing precipitator with a scrubber followed by a wet precipitator.   The scrubber will operate in the natural oxidation mode. Lime is the reagent.  The soupy sludge is chemically fixed resulting in a superior landfill product. One attractive feature of this option is the removal of the toxic metals from the environment.

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