NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                                May 2014

U.S. Pump Market to Exceed $7 Billion In 2019

Sales of industrial pumps in the U.S. will exceed $7 billion in 2019. This is the latest forecast from the McIlvaine Company in Pumps World Market.

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Centrifugal pumps will garner the lion’s share of the market.  They are used to move water, liquids and slurries. Sizes can range from small to very large.  The slurry pumps that handle calcium sulfite slurries in power plant scrubber systems are capable of moving more than 60,000 gpm. A large power plant would have four or more of these very large centrifugal pumps.

The growth in the U.S. is partly tied to the attractive cost of natural gas.  A number of new chemical plants are under construction.  Power companies are investing in gas turbine combined cycle plants. Pumps are required for fogging nozzles, ammonia injection, boiler feedwater, cooling water and wastewater treatment.

Fertilizer manufacturers are also taking advantage of low cost energy.  Yara and BASF just announced a joint venture to build a large ammonia plant in the U.S.

The export of gas in one form or another is also driving the pump market.  LNG liquefaction plants and even a large gas-to-liquids plant are in the planning stage. Hydraulic fracturing of shale requires pumps which can move slurry to depths of more than one mile under the earth crust. The challenge is also the need to deliver the slurry at pressures suitable for shale fracturing.

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