NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                                JUNE 2014

World FGD New System Market Will Exceed $3.4 Billion Next Year

Sales of new FGD systems next year will be primarily in East Asia and the major replacement and retrofit markets will be in Europe and the U.S. However, China will be a leader in replacement as well as new systems. The total market for FGD Systems and components will exceed $8 billion in 2015. This is the latest forecast in McIlvaine FGD Market and Strategies.

New FGD Systems ($ Millions)


World    Region










 East Asia


 Eastern Europe


 Middle East




 South & Central America


 West Asia


 Western Europe


There could possibly be one new coal-fired power plant in the U.S. ordered in 2015. The retrofit of FGD systems to existing power plants will be modest due to the decision by some operators to use dry sorbent injection rather than scrubbers. The Chinese market will include scrubbers for many new power plants as well as a continuing large market to replace some of the older FGD systems which have not met efficiency requirements.

Eastern Europe will continue to complete its FGD program. Western Europe is now realizing that coal will be a necessary part of the fuel mix for a long while. As a result, there will continue to be replacements of older systems. Many of the European FGD systems were installed in the 1980s, so they are more than 30 years old.

The use of wet scrubbing with limestone as the reagent and gypsum as the byproduct will continue to dominate the world scene. However, there will increasingly be selections of alternative technologies including wet lime, dry lime, ammonium sulfate, double alkali, direct sorbent injection and hot catalytic filtration with sorbent for SO2 removal.

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