News Release                                                                                                                         June 2014

Multibillion Dollar Projects Are Major Portion of the Site Remediation Market

Of the tens of billions of dollars spent annually on remediation of contaminated sites, much of the total is generated by multibillion dollar projects. This is the conclusion reached by the McIlvaine Company which publishes the Site Remediation Markets Newsletter and custom reports on remediation.

Just in the last month projects totaling over $9 billion have been finalized.

Project Name




($ Billions)


Areva,   Mace and Atkins

Nuclear   Waste


Passaic   River

EPA   , Diamond Alkali

River   Sediment Cleanup


Anadarko   Petroleum at Multiple Sites


Cleanup   of Thousands of Contaminated Sites


Activity in the U.S. has peaked but remains at a high level. China and a number of other countries are accelerating their programs. In many countries, a big incentive is to reclaim land for purposes of new construction. Another major incentive is to make available more water for human use.

Some activities continue to generate remediation needs. Dredging of rivers and harbors to compensate for silt deposition, along with dredging for new harbors, results in sediment which is very often contaminated. This activity alone has created a billion dollar per year remediation market.

Accidents at nuclear power plants are creating both new and continuing markets. The expenditures at Fukishima continue at a high rate. It is expected that remediation will continue for decades.

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