NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                    APRIL 2015

Top Membrane Suppliers Have Most of the Membrane Market

The top six suppliers of RO, UF and MF membranes have more than 60 percent market share according to the latest analyses by the McIlvaine Company in RO, UF, MF World Market.

# Company
1 Dow
2 GE
3 Toray
4 Pall
5 Nitto   Denko
6 Koch
Total    $1.4   Billion

Dow ranks number one with sales approximately three times those of the number six supplier.  It is the leader in the RO segment but not in UF and MF segments. It is the top supplier to the desalination industry but not to the food industry.

The food industry membrane market is experiencing faster growth than most industrial segments due to penetration of applications formerly serviced with diatomaceous earth and leaf filter technology. Desalination is a major growth sector.  The Middle East still is the leading market, but China is likely to become the biggest purchaser over the next several decades.

The investment in new coal-fired power plants in India, Vietnam and certain other Asian countries is creating a substantial membrane market.  RO systems are needed to provide ultrapure water.  MF and UF systems are often needed to pre-filter the water and increase RO membrane life.

Gas turbine combined cycle power plants are replacing coal-fired power plants in many countries.  If the turbine is going to be located on the same site as the former coal-fired power plant, it is possible to incorporate the existing ultrapure water system including the reverse osmosis (RO) unit.  Some systems being sited not only utilize cross-flow membrane systems for ultrapure water but also for wastewater in order to achieve zero liquid discharge (ZLD).  Owners are choosing this option in some areas where water is plentiful.  The reason is that the water discharge permit can be avoided and the project can be accelerated.

Cogeneration of electricity and desalinated water provides benefits. One of the newest approaches is to use the brine from the RO system as the scrubbing liquid for the coal-fired power plant SO2 removal.

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