NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                                JUNE 2015

Market for Wet Calcium FGD to Remain At a High Level

The big push to retrofit flue gas desulfurization (FGD) systems on all the coal-fired boilers in the U.S., Western Europe, Japan, Taiwan and Korea is now over. The market in China has peaked but remains strong. Other countries in Asia and Africa are now addressing their SO2 emission problems.  McIlvaine, in its FGD Market and Strategiestherefore, predicts:

  • A multibillion dollar annual market for new systems with the bulk being purchased in Asia.
  • An equally large market to upgrade and replace systems in developed countries.
  • A continuing trend to rely on limestone gypsum wet scrubbing technology.
  • Some penetration from dry scrubbing approaches.

India has now committed to several wet limestone FGD systems.  Indonesia, Vietnam and other Asian countries are increasingly installing SO2 capture systems with new coal-fired boilers.  China continues to build power plants with FGD. It has also committed to upgrade more than 100 plants where the SO2 removal efficiency was low.

There are some potential technology developments which could expand the investment in new coal-fired power plants but change the type of FGD chosen.

  • One development is the catalytic filter. When combined with direct sorbent injection it allows NOx, particulate and SO2 to all be captured in one device.
  • Another development is two-stage scrubbing in which HCl and flyash are captured in a venturi scrubber and SO2 is captured in a second absorber.  The first-stage slurry is recycled and a 30 percent dirty hydrochloric acid stream is bled to a rare earths processing plant. Both salable hydrochloric acid and valuable rare earths are the resultant products.

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