NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                    AUGUST 2015

10 Percent of Cartridge Sales Will Be For Petroleum and Chemical Applications

The market for cartridges used in liquid filtration will grow to $18 billion in 2015.  The chemical, oil and gas and refining portion will be approximately 10 percent of the total.  This is the latest finding reached by the McIlvaine Company in N024 Cartridge Filters: World Market.

Cartridge Revenues   $ Millions
Segment 2015 2019
Total    Market 15,300 18,100
Chemical,   Oil and Gas, Refining 1,500 1,800

The growth of the petroleum and chemical sector will be greater in the U.S. than in Europe. One of the higher growth products will be coalescing cartridges to remove droplets from gas.  The continuing lower cost of shale gas will drive this market. Coalescing filters compete with lower efficiency options.

High efficiency cartridges can remove particles down to 0.1 µm. A high-efficiency vertical liquid/gas coalescer such as Pall’s product is designed for inlet gas with liquid aerosol contamination to enter at the bottom of the housing into a first-stage knockout section. Here any slugs or large droplets are removed by gravitational settling. The gas then travels upward through a tube sheet and flows radically from the inside of the cartridges through the coalescer medium to the annulus. The inlet aerosol distribution ranges from 0.1 to 300 μm, and after passing through the coalescer medium, is transformed into enlarged coalesced droplets ranging from 0.5 to 2.2 mm.

Cartridges are most advantageous for smaller applications, used for inlet aerosol concentrations of a few thousand ppmw (parts per million weight) and are placed downstream of other bulk removal separators.

Media for high efficiency cartridge coalescers is typically glass fibers for higher efficiency, treated with oleophobic/hydrophobic finish. Two of the largest media companies are Lydall and Hollingsworth and Vose.

Lydall Filtration/Separation, Inc. offers their LyPore® Unity™ liquid/liquid and liquid/gas coalescing media grades for efficient separation of both water from other liquids and oil and water from air streams. All grades are constructed with borosilicate microfiberglass that offers the highest level of coalescence at the lowest pressure drop. Lydall's fluoropolymer oil and water repellency treatment processes ensure exacting separation of target compounds and long element life. LyPore® Unity™ grades can be pleated or wrapped and are available in a wide range of efficiencies, repellency levels, and binders.

Hollingsworth & Vose (H&V) manufactures a comprehensive line of coalescer media solutions for applications that require gas/liquid and liquid/liquid separation. H&V offers a choice of fiberglass, cellulose and synthetic media combined with specialized organic binders. For applications requiring additional structural integrity, these media are also available with lamination. Microfiberglass provides superior coalescence of the smallest contamination droplets. Cellulose media are rugged and economical. Carded nonwovens are suitable as coarse layers and protective wraps.

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