Unique Communication Route

InterWEBviews™ are the most cost effective route to reaching purchasers because of a unique new communication route and because of changing communication preferences for purchasers.

NEW COMMUNICATIONS ROUTE: Mcilvaine has created free services for purchasers.  One example is 44I Power Plant Air Quality Decisions (Power Plant Decisions Orchard).  Another example is 59D Gas Turbine and Combined Cycle Decisions.  Links to InterWEBviews™ from these services provide opportunities to reach the clients at the critical decision point (similar to the google advertisement concept which is correlated to the search)

Each service supplies the 4 knowledge needs (Alerts, Answers, Analysis, and Advancement).  Various Mcilvaine Alerts, Newsletters, and Insights inform the purchaser about your InterWEBview™.  The analysis initiatives include links to your recording to provide a full review of options. Your presentation should be created with the goal of convincing the viewer to choose your option

Links to the InterWEBviews™ are also displayed on the free Global Decisions Orchard website: Full Display  Quick Search. This site has 30,000 hits per week. The recordings are posted on YouTube where they will receive up to 3000 views. Some may come from google searches or from the Mcilvaine or client website. They can be viewed by mobile phone and other mobile devices.


The purchaser is increasingly relying on digital communications.  It is important to realize that a digital presentation has to do more than just create a favorable image for the company to be followed up with a sales call.  This presentation may be used as a basis for decisions. 

Therefore it is desirable that the presentation present the advantages of the product for the specific needs of the client.  This dictates separate presentations for the same product in different industries.  When you add multiple products, industries and languages you will need to consider a number of InterWEBviews™.   The 8 minute presentation can sum up all the reasons to buy a product. So in many cases shorter will be better.  Rather than cover two subjects in one InterWEBview™ it will be preferable to create two.