NEWS RELEASE                                                                                    June 2021

Powder Show in August for Fabric Filter Total Cost of Ownership validation (LTCOV)

Content Marketing helps suppliers validate that they have the lowest total cost of ownership product. This validation (LTCOV) can increase profit margins and not just revenues.

Validation in each niche is accomplished best by drawing on all the available knowledge in an industrial internet of wisdom (IIoW). This includes articles, webinars, white papers and exhibitions.

The Powder Bulk Solids Exhibition will be held August 24-26 in Chicago. There will be a large number of companies displaying fabric filter systems, bags, media, dust valves, fans, instrumentation and explosion protection for the capture of explosive, toxic, and valuable dust.

McIlvaine has selected two industries: Food and Pharmaceuticals to demonstrate how IIoW can be leveraged to  help the exhibitors communicate the LTCO.

A guide is publicly available at   It has exhibitor generated data but also links to relevant material in magazines, association websites and other resources  which supply “wisdom”.

There are lots of debatable issues such as

  • Individual collectors or central systems?
  • Are nanofibers, membranes or glass the best media for higher efficiency?
  • Are safety testing methods for explosion flap valves adequate?
  • What is unique about each niche process and application?

More details on the McIlvaine Program are found at

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