NEWS RELEASE                                                                                   November 2022

Growth Strategy in the $10 Trillion AWE & Adjacencies Market

Over the last 50 years the Mcilvaine Company has built a growth strategy for companies in the Air, Water, and Energy (AWE) Markets.  The guide is built on the Strategic Internet of Wisdom (SIOW).  It is bottoms up which entails organizing hundreds of millions of data points relative to markets, competitors, acquisitions, processes and trends. The details on this program are provided at:

Many of the major AWE suppliers are in adjacent areas.  This larger AWE and Adjacencies market is $ 10 trillion.  When these companies make a growth choice it needs to be based on the SIOW for the larger market Much of the AWE SIOW is equally valuable for the adjacencies.

The following table includes companies with annual AWE revenue of more than $500 million.  The % of the income from the Adjacencies is also shown.


These companies have used Mcilvaine reports or consulting in the past. But they need an expansion of the SIOW to make decisions in the adjacencies.

Mcilvaine is looking for partners to expand into the adjacencies and to bring SIOW to the entire business market.

Bob Mcilvaine can discuss the potential with you.

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