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Comprehensive Growth Strategy

This program provides a combination of individual reports, acquisition and market share analyses.  It has an overview report to provide the strategy support in any or all segments of the Air, Water Energy Markets.

The reports have monthly market share, and acquisition updates.

Here is video coverage of the program: https://youtu.be/NUtrLwF0kz0

Here is the power point presentation: Growth Strategy in the $750 billion AWE Market

Here is an extensive Analysis of  SPX, SPX Flow and Celeros demonstrating the use of the system.

Here is video coverage of the SPX, SPX Flow, and Celeros example: https://youtu.be/RUuN2r5O6wU

NO64   Air, and Energy Markets

NO64 provides broad forecasts and trends in each of the individual product segments.  There is a free customized excerpt from the acquisition and revenue databases.  Consulting support can also be provided. Check out the details at N064 Air/Gas/Water/Fluid Treatment and Control: World Market

Individual Reports

These reports have revenue forecasts for each country, industry, and product for the next 5 years as well as the past 5 years.  Growth trends, acquisitions, and market shares are included.  Here are links:


N007 Thermal Catalytic World Air Pollution Markets

N008 Scrubber/Adsorber/Biofilter World Markets

N018 Electrostatic Precipitator World Market

N021 World Fabric Filter and Element Market

N022 Air Filtration and Purification World Market

N027 FGD Market and Strategies

N035 NOx Control World Market


N029 Ultrapure Water: World Market

N026 Water and Wastewater Treatment Chemicals: World Market

N024 Cartridge Filters: World Market

N020 RO, UF, MF World Market

N006 Liquid Filtration and Media World Markets

N005 Sedimentation and Centrifugation World Markets 


N028 Industrial Valves: World Market

N019 Pumps World Market

N031 Industrial IOT and Remote O&M
(including instrumentation and automation)


N6F World Cleanroom Markets

Program News

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