NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                    OCTOBER 2015

Ten Power Generators Will Purchase 50 Percent of the Mercury Reduction Products and Services In 2016

Mercury reduction is being accomplished by the addition of activated carbon, bromine or other chemicals. With the new air toxic rules requiring U.S. power plants to meet levels as low as 3 µg/m3 sales of these chemicals will be substantial.  Worldwide sales for chemicals to reduce mercury will exceed $1 billion.  The electricity generator (EG) expenditures will be over $800 million.  Just ten EGs will spend an average of $40 million each and will account for over 40 percent of world purchases. Thirty-two EGs will account for 75 percent of the purchases by EGs and 60 percent of the total mercury reduction expenditures.

Mercury Reduction Expenditures For Major   EGs  

# of Corp

# of FGD MW/EG 1000

Total MW 1000

% of Total Installed Base

% of Mercury Expenditures Short Term

% of Mercury Expenditures Long  Term


7 Over 50 575 44 5 44 Big 5 Chinese Corp  
10 10-50 150 12 50 12 AEP, TVA, Duke, Enel, EON  
15 5-10 105 8 20 8 NRG, Xcel, Tokyo Electric, Chubu Electric  
20 3-5 80 6 10 6 AES, EPDC, RWE, CEZ  
52 Sub total 910 70 85 70    
350 0-3 390 30 15 30 U.S., Europe, China  
404 Total 1,300 100 100 100    

The U.S. is ahead of other countries in limiting mercury emissions from electricity from EGs.  However, over the next ten years, the Chinese are expected to ratchet down emission limits to the same level as in the U.S.   When this occurs, just seven corporations will account for 44 percent of the total purchases.

The concentration of purchasing among just a few corporations dictates a focused effort.  McIlvaine has introduced a program incorporating detailed forecasting of total potential sales revenue for each major prospect, project and supplier.  This is included in N056 Mercury Air Reduction Market

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