NEWS RELEASE                                                                                        NOVEMBER 2016

Market for Fabric Filter Systems Will Exceed $9 Billion Next Year

Fabric filters also known as baghouses capture dust from exhaust stacks.  The basic system includes the collector, a bag cleaning system and other auxiliaries.  Sales of these systems worldwide in 2017 will exceed $9.2 billion.  This is the latest forecast in McIlvaine’sN021 World Fabric Filter and Element Market.


The largest market will be in East Asia with NAFTA a distant second. The products can be segmented into high performance and general performance.  There is a very large market for standard collectors such as furnished by AAF and Donaldson.  These general performance filters handle ambient temperature exhausts from sources such as woodworking and welding.  High performance filters are found in hot gas applications and are generally custom engineered.

The cement and other stone applications represent the largest market segment. Power plants are now in second place.  In the past precipitators were always selected for this application but recently fabric filters have gained market share.  This is due to their higher efficiency.

1 Stone
2 Power - New
3 Steel
4 Other Industries
5 Power - Retrofit
6 Asphalt
7 Mining
8 Metals
9 Chemical
10 Incinerators
11 Pulp & Paper
12 Food
13 Industrial Power
14 Pharmaceutical

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