NEWS RELEASE                                                                                         October 2017

Two Thousand Companies make or influence most of the Pump Purchases

In 2018 purchases of industrial pumps will exceed $56 billion.  Most of these purchases will be made or influenced by 2000 companies and just 20,000 people.  In N019 Pumps World Market McIlvaine is projecting the individual company purchases.  Forecasts for 200 purchasers are presently displayed but more will be added each month. The 200 companies will purchase 20 percent of the total.   Several large company purchases will exceed $500 million each.  The top 20 companies will account for 7 percent of the total.

The concentration of purchases varies by industry.  The top three oil and gas purchasers will account for more than 15 percent of the oil and gas pump purchases.  The top 17 power companies will account for 55 percent of the pump purchases for power applications. The Shenhua merger with Guodian creates a company which will make 9 percent of the pump purchases in the power industry. 

The top three mining companies will account for 12 percent of mining pump purchases.  The top seven pharmaceutical manufacturers will represent 20 percent of the pharmaceutical purchases. The food manufacturing pump purchases are more fragmented.  The top 10 purchasers will account for just 12percent of the total. The top three pulp and paper purchasers will carve out a 12 percent share.

Purchases for municipal wastewater are dispersed. The Chicago Metropolitan Sanitary District with seven plants will spend $80 million for pumps in 2018.  This represents just 0.44 percent of the world municipal wastewater total.  Suez both owns and operates plants and functions as an EPC and accounts for significant purchases of pumps.

2018 Pump Purchases ($ millions)





Pump Purchases
$ millions

AbbVie Operator U.S. Pharmaceutical 15
ADM Operator U.S. Food 11
AECOM EPC U.S Wastewater 20
AECOM EPC U.S Other 70
AECOM  EPC U.S Total 120
AEP Operator U.S. Power 36
Akzo Nobel Operator Netherlands Chemical 38
Air Liquide Operator France Chemical 37
Antofagasta Operator London Mining 13
Anglo American Operator London Mining 26
Anheuser Busch Operator Belgium Food 13
Anhui Conch Operator China Stone 50

EPCs are important purchasers in many industries.  Jacobs has acquired CH2M and is an important EPC and operator in wastewater and some other industries.

The rapid adoption of IIoT and Remote O&M is leading to centralized decision making relative to pumps.  In the near future just 20,000 people will be making most of the high performance pump decisions.  High performance accounts for 60 percent of the total pump revenues.

The forecasts are displayed in a number of different ways including one by purchase rankings.  This provides management with a target list of most important prospects.   The display by industry will be most useful to the industry specialists.  The location display can be used by the local sales personnel. This identification of the corporate potential by country supplements the detailed forecasts in the report which are segmented by country, industry, and pump type.

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