NEWS RELEASE                                                                                         May 2018

Power Plant Cross Flow Membrane Revenue Opportunity to Exceed $1.2 billion by 2025

Power plants around the world are increasingly turning to contaminated water and seawater as a water source. They are also widely adopting zero liquid discharge designs to recirculate rather than discharge wastewater. Cross flow membranes are used extensively for both water and wastewater treatment in power plants. By 2025 this opportunity will exceed $1 billion segmented as follows.

Power Plant Cross Flow Membrane Revenues $ 2025
Product $ millions
Cross Flow Equipment 400
Cross Flow Balance of System 300
Replacement Membranes 200
Remote O&M and Service 300
Total 1200

The following factors will shape the market

  • Many of the new power plants will be in Asian countries without large fresh water resources.
  • Desalination for drinking water is being combined with water for power plants.
  • Zero liquid discharge retrofits are being implemented in China, the U.S. and other countries where water discharge emission limits have become more stringent.
  • Most power plants are within 100 miles of a major municipal wastewater plant.
  • Treated municipal wastewater use in power plants is frequently the lowest cost option.
  • Large power plants in the Middle East are being built with reverse osmosis seawater desalination for both power and drinking purposes.
  • The cost of cross flow membrane technology is shrinking.
  • All power plants use a combination of RO, UF, and MF to treat boiler feedwater.
  • The power generated from coal, natural gas and nuclear will continue to increase.
  • The opportunity for remote monitoring and advisory services will be substantial.
  • There will be a $300 million market for balance of system components such as pumps, energy recovery, valves, piping and engineering.
  • 15 major power plant operators will purchase 55% of all the cross-flow membrane products.

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