NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                                JUNE 2014

$9 Billion Fabric Filter System Market Will Expand From 4% to 8%/yr

There are major variables which could boost the fabric filter system revenue increases to as much as 8 percent per year over the next ten years. This is real growth and, when inflation is added, current dollar growth could be as high as 12%/yr.   It all depends on coal-fired power plants.  This is the conclusion reached by McIlvaine in World Fabric Filter and Element Market.


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East Asia


Eastern Europe


Middle East




South & Central America


West Asia


Western Europe


Coal-fired power plants account for the majority of stack exhaust gas.  One of the new 3000 MW Chinese coal complexes will exhaust 9 million cubic feet of air per minute (cfm).  This is the amount being exhausted by 300 asphalt plants or 50 large cement plants and it is the amount exhausted from 9,000 welding operations. There are thousands of coal-fired boilers in China. They discharge 3 billion cfm.  U.S. coal-fired power plants exhaust 900 million cfm.

Nearly all this exhaust gas is cleaned with electrostatic precipitators. Worldwide only 7 percent is cleaned by fabric filters.  However, it is very likely that many coal-fired power plants will be required to install fabric filters. Both China and the U.S. have tightened limits on fine particulate.  It will be difficult to meet the new limits with electrostatic precipitators. Fabric filters will more than meet the new limits.

The switch to fabric filters is potentially driven by the need to remove mercury and acid gases.  Activated carbon requirements to remove mercury are less if fabric filters are utilized.  Dry scrubbing using lime and sodium injection is accomplished best with fabric filters to capture the reaction products.

McIlvaine is assessing the purchasing trends for each country and adjusting long-range forecasts accordingly. 

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