NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                                APRIL 2015

Fabric Filter Market to Expand Rapidly Due to Precipitator Conversion

The market for fabric filter systems will exceed $9 billion this year according to the latest forecast in N021 World Fabric Filter and Element Market.

($ Millions)     

   World Region      2015  
Total  9,326
Africa  264
CIS  264
East   Asia  4,751
Eastern   Europe  222
Middle   East  263
NAFTA  1,499
South   & Central America  468
West   Asia  901
Western   Europe  694

Over the next ten years, the market will expand at close to double-digit rates due to a number of power plants which will remove the internals of their electrostatic precipitators and replace them with filter bags.  Power plants in the U.S., Italy, Russia, Chile and South Africa have already embarked on this program. Each of these projects is tracked in 42EI Utility Tracking System.

Tough new regulations requiring outlet particulate limits of less than 5 mg/Nm3 are the driving forces behind these retrofits.  The new regulations in China will create the largest potential for a single country.  Recent Chinese designs have incorporated dry scrubbing and particulate control with fabric filters to reach low SO2 and particulate levels.

Power plants are being provided with a free system to help them make the needed decisions Power Plant Systems and Components.

The power plant decision makers are aided by the equivalent of a GPS route map to travel back and forth between regulatory, technology and process decision trees.

Hot Gas Filtration Global Decisions Positioning System™ (GdPS)

An American Filtration Society conference on April 29th will include a session conducted by McIlvaine on the hot gas filter options

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