NEWS RELEASE                                                                            June 2017

Fifteen Coal-fired Plant Operators will buy 50 Percent of the Flow and Treat Products and Services

Fifteen coal-fired plant operators will spend $75 billion/yr for flow and treat products and services. The top five operators will purchase over 36 percent of the total $153 billion/yr. This is the latest analysis from the McIlvaine Company based on aggregation of forecasts in a number of McIlvaine reports and databases. The products and services analyzed include those used to treat or control any gas, air, or liquid.

The No. 4 purchaser NTPC and the No. 8 purchaser Vietnam Power will be purchasing mostly for new facilities. Those utilities in China and Africa will have a mix of purchases for new and existing facilities whereas the operators in the U.S. and Europe will be spending mostly on repair and upgrades.




Average Annual % of Total Coal-fired Flow & Treat in the Next 5 Years

Average Annual Flow & Treat Revenues Next 5 Years
($ Billions)

AEP U.S. 9 1.1 1.68
BWE U.S. 14 0.6 0.92
Datang China 3 7 10.71
Duke U.S. 10 1 1.53
Enel Italy 13 1 1.53
Eskom South Africa 5 6 9.18
Guodian China 2 7.5 11.48
Huaneng China 1 9 13.77
Huadian China 6 6 9.18
J-Power Japan 16 0.5 0.76
National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC)


4 7 10.71
NRG U.S. 11 1 1.53
Shenhua China 7 4.5 6.88
Southern U.S. 12 1 1.53
Uniper Germany 15 0.6 0.92
Vietnam Power (EVN) Vietnam 8 2 3.06
Sub Total     55.8 85.37
Other     44.2 67.63
TOTAL       153

The biggest expenditures will be made for cooling, heat exchange and combustion.  The air pollution control investment will be more than $36 billion/yr in a large part due to the demand in Asia.  There is a very large potential to completely automate coal-fired boiler operations.  The advantages are not only decreased labor costs, but much higher efficiency while at the same time meeting environmental goals. The relatively fast adoption of IIoT and Remote O&M will radically change the marketing environment and create a $42 billion/yr sales opportunity.

Flow and Treat Average Annual Coal-fired Boiler Market 2017-22
Products $ Billions
Acid Gas (Flue Gas Desulfurization and NOx Control) 16
Particulate Control (Fabric Filters, Precipitators, Mercury) 20
Water and Wastewater Treatment including Ultrapure Water for Steam and Cooling Water 10
Fans, Pumps, and Valves, Compressors 5
Cooling, Heat Exchange and Combustion 60
Instrumentation, Automation and Third Party Remote Monitoring and O&M


Total 153

McIlvaine has determined that less than 300 companies purchase half the flow and treat products and services.  This small number of companies and the ability to reach key decision makers at these companies is addressed in Detailed Forecasting of Markets, Prospects and Projects

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